Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bit by Bit

Bit by tiny little bit some things are coming into focus.

I have recently discovered that Grandma Ruby Belle Noble Schwedler (daughter of Dyson Noble and Sarah Ann Sharp) not only had two sisters, Myrtle and Edna Noble but also had two brothers.  The first brother (un-named) was born 9 May 1883 and died the following day.  The second brother (also un-named) was born 18 Aug 1884 (the same birth date as Great Aunt Myrtie) and apparently died soon afterwards.  I have yet found a death date for him.

Below is a photo of Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Dyson and Sarah Ann.  Double click on it for a larger view.

Noble, Dyson and Sarah Ann

Keeping it in the family, so to speak, Grandpa Otto Schwedler ( husband of Ruby above) had three previously unknown sisters and one brother.  Two of the females were born in Brighton, Kenosha County, Wisconsin.  I had only known Geat Grandpa Albert and Great Grandma Dorathea Schwedler to have lived in Racine County.  But, this is for another entry.  I digress.  Great Aunt Anna was born soon after the Schwedlers arrived in this country in November 1882.  Two years later Great Aunt Minnie (Wilhelmina) was born in November 1884. I have no birth location (yet) for these two ladies.  I found a record of birth for the birth of one female in May 1887 and another in May 1888 in Brighton, As of yet, I have no death dates. I then found the death record of a Louis Schwedler, son of Albert and Dorathea for 8 Aug 1890 in Rochester, Racine County. And lastly, there was a Fredia Schwedler born to these parents on 15 Sep 1891 in Rochester and died the same day.

That’s all for today.  I’m now planning my trip to Waukesha for the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society Conference in October.

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