Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mid-year Clean up

All genealogists know what it’s like.  First you get lucky and find a ton of information that you can use.  You gather and gather like there is no tomorrow for an hour, a week or longer.  Now you have all of this stuff – in a pile – and you need to do something with it. 

First, you need to gather your source information for all the goodies that good fortune (and hard work) has placed in front of you. 

Second, you should enter this information into your computer’s genealogy program – remembering to cite your sources as you go along.  It is a lot easier to do it at this time rather than later.  Trust me I know.  I am still going back and sourcing the information that I entered years ago and my memory is not as good as it once was.

So, let’s get the piles off the desk, floor, dining table or where ever it is, get your mind right and deal with it.  I’ll be leaving the comfort of home for awhile and my mess will still be looking at me when I return.  And, I hope to return with more information about cousins that I haven’t seen for many years which will add more to the pile that I already have. 

It may be two weeks before I write again.  I’m going to be quite busy for a couple of weeks.


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